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Top notch care from a dedicated team
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3 Locations serving Douglas & Lane County
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1 Dedicated
Care Team
2800+ very happy clients
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service areas
30+ Years Experienced
Want to take control of your health?
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See what members are saying about Health Revolution Chiropractic

Rhonda Cantwell

"Health Revolution is more like a family in how they take care of you. They always go the extra mile to make sure you walk out better than when you walked in. I was told once that "Health Revolution" was my drug of choice to treat myself and it is very true. They keep me going with positive healthy side effects. :)"

Scott Simpson

"Life changing. I Feel better now than I did 15 years ago."

Kim Drury

"The rating system should have 10 stars for Dr. Greg and his staff!"

Kathy Turner

AWESOME GROUP!!! If it wasn't for Dr. Greg & his staff, there would be days I wouldn't be able to walk. You can call & get right in without waiting. Dr. Greg you are the BEST and the staff, especially the ones that have the magic fingers. I am now able to turn my head and look behind me. Thank you all so much. 
Why do so many people love us!?
Here are a few of the reasons why.
We are one giant family and invite you to be a part of it! With a uplifting, friendly, positive, healing, family-oriented environment, you will feel welcomed and loved as soon as you walk through our doors.
30+ Years
We are able to provide exceptional care for you and your family because we have the most experienced and dedicated health-care team. You can trust us to find the right solutions specifically for the health challenges that you face.
With all kinds of stress that life brings us, having a balanced wellness lifestyle is the key to true quality health. We implement and give expert advice on how to live the life that you deserve.
Thousands of members have experienced incredible results in our offices and we want the same for you and your family. If we aren't the right fit or solution for you, we will do everything in our power to find what's right for you.
Join The Health Revolution
Unsure of where to start?
In today's society, people are confused of how they should take control of their health. With so many options out there and paths to choose from, you can be easily misled. Click the get started now button to learn about the true path towards health and living the life that you deserve.
5 * Reviews
Years Experience
Do You Want To Start A Health Revolution?
What Is Your #1 Most Important Asset?
Top-Notch care from a dedicated Health-Care team. Providing everything that your family needs.
Chiropractic Care
Utilizing State of the Art Technology, we are one of the most highly advanced and technological offices in Oregon. Receive specific computerized adjusting and progress scans to check to see how you are truly functioning from within.
Massage Therapy
We've got the right touch! We have multiple Masseuse' on staff to provide you a tailored and wonderful massage experience. From a "hurt so good" kind of massage, to a "relaxed light stress relief" kind of massage, we've got you covered. 
Laser Therapy
Low Level Laser Therapy is utilized in our offices for speeding up your healing process. This tool can be used for pain, acute or chronic, swelling, TMJ issues, post-surgery recovery, and multiple other health challenges.
We have a great range of supplements provided for you and your family to get the right nutrients and kick-start the body's own natural production of hormones. Whatever your supplement needs, we can provide.
Still Not Convinced?
See what members are saying about Health Revolution Chiropractic

Pat Elst

I am very impressed with the service I've received. The staff and family are very helpful and polite. I have watched my health improve immensely and have nothing but good things to say about the help I'm receiving. Thank you, Health Revolution Chiropractic, Dr. Blanchfill and your lovely family. 

J. C.

Friendly atmosphere...smiles everywhere!  I walked through the door in severe pain in my low back and leg. My pain was causing me to change my daily activities and pills didn't help. After a few weeks of treatment,  I'm almost back to zero pain! Awesome experience! 

Marylin Pritchett

Dr. Greg has been my doctor for close to ten years. I was in an accident and the regular treatment I receive from Dr. Greg is what keeps me functioning in my daily life. 
Get in touch today! 541-849-2111
2 different locations providing incredible service throughout Douglas County.
Contact Info
Mailing Address
Health Revolution Chiropractic
Po Box 280
Yoncalla, OR 97499

Phone: 541-849-2111
Fax: 541-871-7080

On Main St. Across from Park
193 Main St.
Yoncalla, OR 97499
DownTown Fitness Center
722 SE Jackson St.
Roseburg, OR 97470
Yoncalla Office Hours
Monday:          8am - 11am
Tuesday: ----------closed--------------
Wednesday:   8am - 11am
Thursday:                                      3pm - 6pm
Friday: ------------closed---------------
Roseburg Office Hours
Monday:                                         3pm - 6pm
Tuesday:         8am - 11am   &   3pm - 6pm
Wednesday:                                 3pm - 6pm
Thursday:        8am - 11am 
Friday: ------------closed---------------
Want to take control of your health?
With so many ways to join our family, you always stay connected and on the right path of health.
Health is a continuum, not a destination. We have many individuals, couples, and families on our wellness memberships to keep them on the right path when it comes to their health and living the life that they deserve.
Online Programs
Want to start your Health Revolution from the comfort of your own home? We will be providing value to you in the near future so that you can start your health transformation without physically coming into our office!
We are constantly providing value and posting content to Facebook and Instagram. From different events to live videos, we love sharing chiropractic and how impactful it is on our health. Click the link below to join our Facebook Fam!
1 Dedicated
Care Team
2800+ very happy clients
2 Local
service areas
30+ Years Experienced
What people are saying about us

I am very pleased with the results
of my treatments. My neck is not
stiff anymore after 5 weeks.
Headaches have decreased.


Dr. Greg is tops on my list,
not only an excellent Doctor
but truly a friend and loving heart.

Wilma L.
  Po Box 280
      Yoncalla, OR 97499
  Phone: (541) 849-2111
  Fax: (541) 871-7080
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